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Where are you from?
I am from Kolkata, India, which is where I started my journey.

Why are you doing this?
To raise awareness for a pollution-free environment and sustainable development.  I've visited approximately 100 schools, organizations, and institutions to spread my message.  I also hope to set a new Guiness Book World Record.

What world record?
The Late John Hathaway of Canada holds the current Guiness record for traveling 64,000 km around the world by bicycle over a period of 23 months in 1974.  I hope to do the same in 20 months.

How does Guiness verify?
Guiness has charted out my course and given me a time table.  Every 25-30 km, I must register with local police which verifies my bicycle's odometer reading.  I also must meet local government officials, local press, and the Indian counsulate in every country.
Have you done this before?
In 1997-1999, I bicycled over 60,000 km across 54 countries over a period of 27 months.  I learnt much from that journey and plan to do it faster this time.  During the earlier trip, I was the first person on a bicycle to cross the Artic Circle at two points, in Alaska and in Sweden, and have been recognized in the Guiness Book of World Records for it.

How do  you travel across oceans?
I take airplanes or boats across large bodies of water. 

Where do you sleep?
I sleep in all kinds of places - houses of worship, hostels, police stations, people's houses and a small tent that I carry with me.

Do you have sponsors?
No. I travel on a minimum budget.  Most of my expenses are in obtaining visas, traveling across oceans, and occasionally food and bicycle repairs.  Fortunately, I have met many kind and genereous people along the way who have contributed funds, for which I'm very grateful.  People can also donate on this website.

Have you met interesting people?
Yes, many.  The world is run by good people who are in large numbers, while bad people are microscopically few.  One can avoid bad people, but one cannot avoid good people.  During my travels, I've met people who have provided shelter, food, and lively conversations.  Sir Richard Branson, the Chairman of Virgin Atlantic Airlines, generously gave me a ticket to cross the Atlantic from London to Miami.  George W. Bush, who was then governer of Texas during my first tour, generously gave me my bicycle.  During my years of bicycle travels, I've also met Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger, Prince Charles, and Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen.  I am grateful to all those who are interested in my cause and have helped further my message.